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Engineering And Physical Planning

It consists of three departments:

–         Urban planning

–         Quality control

–         Engineering department

o   Design and quantity surveying

o   Site supervision and

o   Technical experts


  • Handle projects related to electricity, Mechanical and civil Engineering of the Sector (Roads & Highways, Airports, Seaports and other marine structures and Government buildings etc )
  • It embarks on design and supervision of projects within its scope as well as direct labour activities.
  • The department handles all engineering matters related to the public building and Housing within confines of Federal, Regional and District development levels Supervise the sub-national public infrastructure, including underground public infrastructure, on-ground public infrastructure, roads, road facilities, drainage facilities, infrastructure construction, for-road reserved land, public services on for-road reserved land, roads for pedestrians.
  • Study, prepare and propose the underground public infrastructure development and construction projects, including tunnels, drainage facilities, networked canals, water reservoirs, drainage piping systems, and infrastructure related to the waste water treatment systems, waste water treatment stations and waste water pumping stations.
  • Study, prepare and propose the on-ground public infrastructure development and construction projects, including roads, road facilities, infrastructure construction, intersected roads, cross-over roads (aerial roads), divided roads, roads for pedestrians, roads for bicycles, public spaces, in order to reduce traffic jams and facilitate the delivery and safety systems across capitals, provinces, cities and towns.
  • Study, prepare and propose the cost estimation and technical control of the road and bridge construction, repair and maintenance works of different engineering entities.
  • Study the data and information about economic and social affairs, and then provide them to the ministry’s partners in repair and maintenance of the infrastructure projects owned by the ministry.
  • Collaborate with partners, enhancing the road and bridge construction development according to the modern technology, and guarantee the quality and safety.
  • The preparation of designs, specifications, contract documents, bills of quantities and details for Government capital works including defense works, rock-fall protection measures, sewerage works,  roads and highways, airports and  retaining walls.
  • The preparation and organization of works programs and the project management of contracts.
  • Advising the Building Control Section on Building Applications with regard to Civil Engineering, Highways and Architectural matters.

The Section also includes the Department’s Drawing Office and the Clerks of Works, both of which provide direct support to all disciplines in developing designs and their subsequent delivery on site respectively.

Daily managerial work conducted by the department are:

  • Monitor the daily tasks, and make monthly, quarterly, biannual, 9-month, annual and other departments’ activity reports.
  • Write and compile laws and technical standards useful for the engineering and sub-national public infrastructure construction, repair, maintenance and protection works.
  • Coordinate the road works with the road supervising Authorities, institutions and entities, and update the road data.
  • Collaborate with relevant ministries, institutions and development partners to outsource budgets for studying, constructing and technically controlling all underground and on-ground sub-national public infrastructure constructions and all road and bridge constructions, implemented by engineering entities.
  • Undertake other tasks assigned by the Ministry


  • Review and approval of  building and development plans
  • Enforcement and implementation of the Standard Building Codes and Guidelines
  • Enforcement of National Physical Plan
  • To guide the future development of the State by establishing a National Physical Development Plan, Local Area Plans and schemes for National Development.
  • To ensure the orderly and progressive development of land, in a manner that will protect the environment and conserve the nation’s heritage.
  • Facilitate improved efficiency in the processing of applications for approval to develop land and monitoring of developments.
  • Implement and maintain a Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to enhance the output of the Physical Planning Unit
  • Prevention of illegal developments.