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Public Procurement And Contracts

The directorate is made up of:

–         Department of selections and bidding contracts

–         Department of registrations and

–         Professional registration board

This Directorate will serve as the Ministerial Tender Board comprising 5 members out of which 3 shall be appointed

by the minister and 2 by the National Board (NB) .These boards shall oversee the administration of procurements under its  jurisdiction. Each Ministerial Tender Board shall nominate for consideration by the NB qualified evaluators to serve on Evaluation Committees.

The directorate is responsible to :

a) Exercises jurisdiction over the Ministry tender process and reports to the Director General, with

advisory, oversight, monitoring and information functions

b) Determining the forms of documents for procurement including,

but not limited to:

(i) standard bidding documents;

(ii) prequalification documents;

(iii) contracts;

(iv) evaluation forms; and

(v) procurement manuals, guidelines and procedures.

c) Organizing training seminars regarding procurement;

d) Reporting to the Director General on the effectiveness of the

procurement process and recommending therein any

amendment to this Act that may be necessary to improve the

effectiveness of the procurement process;

e) Upon request, reviewing decisions by the Procuring Entities;

f) Adjudicating department proceedings.

   Sample of Basic Contract Document

It has been agreed in the city of ______________________________________________

on this day of _______________________ bearing the date ____/____/_____ dd mm yy

by and between:

First     ___________________________________________________________

represented by                                                        [Name of Ministry or Administrative Body]


and referred to hereinafter as the Work Owner (First Party);

Second:    ____________________________________________________



[Name of Contractor, place of incorporation if a company, permanent address, location selected as business address in the Country, and name of authorized signatory (with number and date of authorization given to sign this agreement)]

and referred to hereinafter as the Contractor (Second Party):

Whereas the Work Owner desires to execute _______________________

________________________________________________________________ :

[brief description of project or construction work for which contract is desired]

Whereas the Contractor has submitted its offer to carry out, execute, complete and maintain these works after reviewing the           contract conditions, specifications and plans, and all documents attached therewith as well as the Law of Government Procurement and Execution of Projects and Works, issued and its implementing regulations:

Whereas the offer submitted by the Contractor has been coupled by the acceptance of the Work Owner, the two parties mentioned above have agreed as follows: the rest is under review and will soon be available