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Action of 100 days

MPWR Planning Department has made documenting all sectors of the Ministry to develop a plan of 2017 which based on the National Development Plan 2017-2019. The information collected will be classified as long-term
The short plan consists of eight (8) points possible to implement and those agreed the officials of the Ministry “Index   100 days of activities,” for 2017
Action of 100 days
1 Discovery Project of Capacity Building of the Ministries of   Public Works which investment (African Development Bank), the   Implementation will help UNOPS.
2 Re-Creation project high ways of Federal, EU funding and   Germany, the implementation will help (GIZ).
3. Ensure implementation of construction materials
4. Payout of the project Water policy, urban sewage and    Safety (Urban Wash)
5 Collection property static MPWR
6 The acceleration of infrastructure to access the registration
7 Accelerated registration Engineering & Construction Companies
8 Preparation Training Architecture (Design Standardization)


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