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Bio Data:
Mr. Salah Abdi Ahmed was born 1964 in the village of Sheikh Hassan Barsane – Jowaha in a middle shabale.
he was completed by Elementary School in the same village Jilyaale  Jowhar Middle Shabele and also primary finished Hamar Jadid School inHawl Wadaag District- Banadir Region.
The secondary school was Technical School in Lafole he participated national service for training of soldier in Hiil-weyne.
Mr. Salah later worked the Sarber inter Plane Estevao German water supplies in Mogadishu and also worked a company called Tihama Linashar Walmaktabaad in Saudi Arabia.
So, he went to fly Italy and worked for two years. After he left England, especially London for working 18 years and also left that for university of Middlesex and other community among Somalis.
Finally,  Mr. Salah came back  for his mother land  and  nominated for Director  General of the Ministry of Fisheries and  sea resources and also transferred then Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Housing  which the last three months of intense activities of the Ministry.