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Public Houses

Public building means any building or portion of privately owned residential structure, public housing structure, police, fire or correction structure, constructed wholly or partially. With state or municipal funds, whether tax funds, funds obtained through.

The Public building is generally suitable for use as office or storage space or both by one or more federal agencies or mixed-ownership Government corporations includes:-

(i) Federal office buildings

(ii) Custom houses

(iii) Post offices

(iv) Court houses

(v) Diplomatic houses

(vi) Ware houses

(vii) Border inspection facilities

(viii) Record centers

(ix) Relocation facilities

(x) Telecommuting centers

(xi) Appraisers stores (that is on or used in connection with river, dams, harbor, flood control, reclamation or power projects, for chemical manufacturing or development projects

(xii) Similar federal facilities and any other buildings or construction projects the inclusion of which the state President considers to be justified in the public interest.