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The Ministry

About The Ministry

The Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Housing is the arm of the Government responsible for all public works matters. The Ministry also performs project management functions with regard to all government and government-sponsored development projects nation-wide.

The Ministry accomplishes its various functions with due regard for Government’s policies and strategic directions. The Ministry recognized that infrastructure and housing are fundamental to development and the achievement of the social goals of Government.

The Ministry is also responsible for planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and coordinating development activities.

Our Message

We are the hand power of the Country

Our Mandate

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing is one of the Government institution responsible for undertaking infrastructure projects. The Ministry is mandated to undertake the plan, design and construction of government buildings, infrastructure, such as national roads and bridges, flood control, water resources projects and other public works; and to promote standards in the construction and housing industries. 

A responsive, well managed and accountable Public Service


To provide policy guidance, regulatory framework and set out agendas based on priority demands of the sector across the nation.


To respond to emerging challenges and to ensure quality service delivery to the public, the Ministry
subscribes to the following core values:
1. Teamwork
2. Responsiveness
3. Integrity
4. Professionalism
5. Equity

With the support of all the stakeholders and the employees’ passion to ensure the Ministry achieves its mission, we believe this strategic plan will be implemented successfully.
Core values are central guiding principles, which are basic and should not be violated in the conduct of the ministry’s business. They are meant to guide behavior and form the basis of work culture.

The following chosen core values are to represent what the Ministry stands for, what drives it, what it believes in, and what directs its decisions, actions and relationships among the staff and clients/ stakeholders in conducting day-to-day operations.

Team Work: We contribute fully to the activities of the Ministry to address shared challenges through common effort by sharing information and resources to create a workplace that fosters community relationship and cooperation. We promote open communication and commitment to public service.
Responsiveness: We shall practice open, truthful, and timely communication with stakeholders. By carefully listening and responding to their concerns and expectations, we seek continuous improvement in our services. We shall seek to meet set deadlines in the provision of our services.
Integrity: We demonstrate impartiality, fairness and honesty while upholding the highest ethical standards. We seek to remain accountable and transparent in all our dealings as we deliver services to the public. We encourage our customers to provide feedback on the quality of services we provide.
Professionalism: Our commitment to excellence will be demonstrated by our continuous improvement through creativity and innovation because we apply and maintain a high level of knowledge, skills and standards as we provide services to the public.

We shall remain non-partisan while adhering to work ethics and meritocracy as we provide services to the public. We shall continue to generate new innovations and ideas, methods and adapt developments that add value to delivery services.

Equity: We are committed to provide quality services to every person regardless of race, religion,
ethnicity, disability, gender, creed, economic or health status and age. Apart from respecting diversity,
we shall ensure that all people have equal access to services regardless of their social and economic status.