Mashruuca RIP –Somalia
Ujeedada: Dib u dhiska Wadooyinka Gobolada
Budgetka: 60Million EURO
Lagafulinayo: 160km Galmudug, 22km Hirshabele, 85km Puntland, 80km Jubaland, 280 SomaliLand,
Maalgelinaya: AfDB
Fulinaya: MPWR&H


                                     ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAME -SOMALIA


  The Road Infrastructure Programme Somalia (RIP-Somalia) aims to improve management of the road sector at the national level and improve transport connectivity for road users in the targeted road corridors for rehabilitation while reinforcing the capacities of federal and regional institutions that manage road infrastructure. The programme entails: (i) rehabilitation and surface dressing of 82km (BeledWeyne-Kalabeyr 22km; and Dhusamareb-Qaradhi 60km) of the existing 327km, 7.3m wide BeledWeyne-Galkayo paved road; (ii) rehabilitation and surface dressing of 85 km (Galkayo-Faratoyo) of the existing 240km, 7.3m wide Galkayo-Garowe paved road; (iii) rehabilitation and construction of the existing 80km, 7.3m wide Luuq, Ganane-Dolow earth road to gravel road standard; and (iv) new construction of 100 km, 7.3m wide Galkayo-Elgula (part of 241km Galkayo-Hobyo feeder road) to compacted gravel standard and Feasibility study, environmental and social impact assessment and detailed engineering design of 280km Lowyaddo-Farddaha-Borama road.


This report covers activities from April 1st, 2020 to June 30, 2020.  The following key activities are achieved during this quarter;


  • The evaluation and the finalization process with the bank (including reviewing) of the EOIs of 75 companies is concluded.
  • Firms for all of the 4 Lots are Short-listed.
  • The evaluation report has been prepared and sent to the Bank for No-Objection. After the report has been adjusted, taking into account the Bank’s comments and recommendations, the report is ultimately sent back to the Bank to obtaining No-Objection again.
  • The bank awarded No-Objection to the evaluation report.
  • A TORs for RFPs of the 4 Lots are finalized and sent to the Bank to obtain bank’s No-Objection. The bank granted the No-Objection.
  • Shortlisted firms received RFP TORs to submit their proposals. Simultaneously pre-proposal conference is planned.